Facts you did not know about cereal

Facts you did not know about cereal

Cereal is the most common breakfast one can have, and yet many people do not know many things about cereal. There have been some interesting things related to cereal which happened in history, so here are some of the most interesting fun facts about cereal:

Facts you did not know about cereal Capín Crunch

Everyone knows the famous Captain Crunch cereal, but one consumer paid more attention to the cereal box than others and discovered that the captainís sleeves only sported three yellow strips instead of four, which made him a commander and not a captain. The Capín immediately responded on Twitter: ďOf course Iím a Capín! Itís the Crunchónot the clothesóthat make a man.Ē

Facts you did not know about cereal John Harvey Kellogg

Kellog was trained as a doctor and promoted a vegetarian lifestyle according to his Seventh Day Adventist beliefs, but he threw out the window all the restrictive Victorian conventions. He founded the company Kellog which enjoyed great success with products like Frosted Flakes and Pop Tarts.

Facts you did not know about cereal Crunch Berry lawsuit

In 2009, a woman from California filed a suit against PepsiCo, claiming she had been misled by false advertising that the Crunch Berry cereals were real fruit. The judge dismissed the suit claiming that: ďAs far as this court has been made aware, there is no such fruit (Crunch Berries) growing in the wild or occurring naturally in any part of the world.Ē

Facts you did not know about cereal Pink poop

General Mills debuted two monster-themed cereal: Count Chocula and Franken Berry in the 70s. Although the line proved to be very successful, at some point it faced a huge public relations disaster. Because of the fact that the dye used for the cereal was not absorbed by the digestive system, parents found their childrenís poop stained in a pink color and rushed to the emergency room. The use of this dye has been long since discontinued.

Facts you did not know about cereal Vegan

It would seem that cereal would be a perfect food for vegans. However, many contain marshmallows which use gelatin that comes from the bone, cartilage and tendons of pigs. Also many cereals contain vitamin D3 which is derived from the lanolin of sheep.

Facts you did not know about cereal Extinct cereal

There were so many breakfast cereal produced and advertised according to the characters which attracted children the most years ago, that many of them became extinct.

Facts you did not know about cereal Phreaking

John Draper enlisted in the USAF in 1964 and promptly put his tehcnical skills to work by hacking into a telephone switchboard and allowing his friends to make free phone calls. Later, he learned that the whistle given away in a box of Capín Crunch would make a tone that would give him operatorís control over phone lines.

Facts you did not know about cereal Atomic bomb ring

While other cereals were distributing lame toys, Kix cereal had the idea of rewarding its customers with a silver bullet Lone Ranger ring. It contained trace amounts of radioactive polonium which would glow when struck a screen made of zinc sulfide.

Facts you did not know about cereal Yukon territory

In the 1950s CBSís hit show Sergeant Preston of the Yukon was sponsored by Quaker Oats. An executive from Chicago came with the idea of giving a deed for one square inch of Yukon Territory in exchange for a box top of their cereal. This campaign had a huge success, but the land purchased by Quaker was given back to the Canadian government in 1965.

Facts you did not know about cereal Mascots

Cereal mascots fall into one of two categories. They are either potrayed as traditional salesmen espusing the quality of the products (Capín Crunch, Sugar Bear or Tony the Tiger) or they seem to be desperately addicted to cereal (Barney Rubble, Sonny the Cuckoo Bird or the Trix Rabbit).



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